Background and Purpose of the Dual Credit Workgroup

The Washington Student Achievement Council created a structure of three committees - with workgroups under each committee - to implement the action items of the Roadmap, Washington State's ten-year plan for raising educational attainment. These three committees include: the Committee for Academic Affairs and Policy (CAAP), the Committee for Student Support (CSS), and the Committee for Funding and Affordability (CFA). The Dual Credit Workgroup falls under the Committee for Academic Affairs and Policy.

The purpose of the Dual Credit Workgroup is to recommend legislative language to create a dual enrollment / dual credit system which meets the following criteria:

1. Provide clear information about each option in ways that empower high school students to choose the option best suited to their goals and schedules.
2. Provide low-cost options for high school students and their families.
3. Ensure adequate funding for high schools and postsecondary institutions to maintain high-quality options.
4. Increase the availability of all options to more high school students.
5. Streamline processes for obtaining postsecondary credit.

The intended outcome of this work is to increase high school student enrollment in dual credit courses, increase the amount of college credit awarded to high school students, and increase diversity in the student enrollment in dual credit courses to reflect local demographics.

Overview of dual credit programs in Washington

Where are the Dual Credit Programs and Students in Washington State?